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San Sebastian


About San Sebastian San sebastian beach

In the north of Spain, on the shore of the Cantabrian Sea and only 20 km from France, is located; San Sebastian, the “Petit Paris” as many Europeans used to call it in the “Belle Epoque”. Donostia with its frenchified streets, and surrounded by mountains , is rich in history and culture without talking about its gastronomy, because here are some of the best restaurants in the world.

San Sebastian also hosts cultural festivals internationally recognized as the “San Sebastián International Film Festival” or ” The International Jazz Festival, among others.

San SebastianWhat to do in San Sebastian

Things to do in San Sebastian?…. all depending of your likes, but you can always walk throught the “Parte Vieja” the old part of the town, passing through the small streets, take a rest on in fron the Basílica de Santa Maria del Coro, maybe take a Pincho in some of the hundred taverns in the area, is it getting hot ? then is time for quick dip in la Concha Beach, but if you are an adventurer, maybe you’ll  prefer to go to Zurriola Beach and try your surf skill by renting a surfboard, but before you go there pass by  the famous “La Bretxa” Market and get some provisions.
There’s a different face of San Sebastian for every person….find yours!

MADride in San Sebastian

In MADride we love this city and therefore we want to show you what we love about it, let us help you to uniquely discover San Sebastian by day or night, we have what you need to get the most out of your stay in this beautiful city!

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